Lemon, Turmeric & Coconut Oil Keto Broth


Did you know that true bone broth is the key to ketosis? We combined our organic chicken bone broth with coconut oil and a zesty dash of lemon and turmeric to craft this dairy-free, Paleo delight in one convenient, heat-and-go cup.


To get the benefits of ketosis, the body needs the ability to digest that fat. The amino acid glycine helps the body digest fat and bone broth is one of the best whole-food sources of glycine. We combined our traditionally-made, organic bone broth with MCT oil – a specific type of fatty acid which has been proven to help the body make ketones – to create a power-house combination that will turbo-charge your transition into ketosis.


Organic chicken bone broth, organic coconut oil, organic coconut medium-chain triglycerides, organic lemon juice, organic turmeric, sea salt, organic black pepper. CONTAINS: Coconut. 


As a Clinical Nutritionist, our founder, Sharon Brown, used a ketogenic diet as the basis for her healing protocol. We designed our Keto Broth specifically to promote ketosis and every ingredient was chosen for a purpose. At Bonafide Provisions, our mission is to bring wellness to the world through healing, REAL food and our Keto Broth continues to deliver on this promise by providing a convenient keto alternative that doesn’t sacrifice on quality – no shortcuts, sweeteners, fillers, gums, preservatives, powders, shelf-stabilizers, or artificial anything.