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We Make It Gel

We obsess over our ingredients and preparation method to make a collagen-rich broth that's thick and gelatinous.

Only Bones

We use only grass-fed & pasture-raised bones (and some collagen-rich chicken feet). No pre-made stock or gelatin powders added to our broth.

Frozen Fresh

We store our bone broth by freezing it (just like you'd do at home), which preserves flavor and nutrients at their peak.

We Are Certified

Everything from our ingredients to our packaging and production meet rigorous organic standards. We do it because it matters.

What is bone broth?

Bone broth has been used for centuries as a traditional method of supporting total-body wellness, from digestion and immunity to healthy joints and supple skin. True bone broth is made by simmering water, bones, and apple cider vinegar for 18+ hours. This time-tested method breaks down the bones and joints to release collagen protein, glucosamine, chondroitin, and minerals, creating a nutrient-dense broth that becomes thick and gelatenous when it’s cooled.

Bone Broth 101

bone broth benefits

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The collagen and amino acids in bone broth help strengthen and repair our gut lining, which is home to over 70% of our immune system. 

Joint Health

Gelatin and collagen help strengthen the skeletal system, rebuild connective tissue, ease joint pain, and reduce inflammation.

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Skin, Hair & Nails

A damaged gut can lead to inflammation of the skin. Collagen helps repair the gut and provides the building blocks for healthy skin, hair, and nails. 

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Brain Function

Research calls our gut our "second brain." When you support your gut, you directly affect how you think and feel. 

Why Frozen?

At Bonafide Provisions, we freeze everything we make. Why? Because freezing food locks in flavor and preserves nutrients at their peak of freshness. Plus, it’s how we’re able to store food without any preservatives or shelf-stabilizers. But that doesn’t mean you have to wait forever to enjoy it. All you have to do is quick thaw our Bonafide bags in a bowl of room temperature water or run them under the faucet for a few minutes and you’re ready to heat and eat!

The best-tasting, highest-quality bone broth.

Ingredients Matter

Each and every ingredient we use is chosen with care and for a purpose. You will never find any gums, fillers, powders, or preservatives in our products. In fact, you will never find any ingredient that we don't use ourselves, in our very own kitchen. 

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WE believe food has the power to change lives

Bonafide Provisions was created by a mom and clinical nutritionist who used bone broth as the cornerstone of her nutritional practice. 

Read Sharon’s Story

Our Bonafide Family


Paige Tapp

“I absolutely love Bonafide bone broths. They have become a staple in my diet, as they have been the primary factor helping to heal my digestion. With professional sports and the constant stress I put on my body physically, bone broth has been unbelievably supportive. It helps my joint flexibility, alleviates pain, AND reduces inflammation. All active lifestyles of all ages can benefit immensely from the nutrients bone broth provides and Bonafide is my absolute favorite. I can’t find anything else that’s quite like it!” 


Jeanette Ogden

“I use Bonafide Provisions because it’s liquid gold, REAL FOOD. It’s quality, organic, pasture raised, non-GMO and grass fed AND it’s so flavorful even by itself. Sold me with that one. ”


Nicole Modic

"Healing from the behaviors associated with an eating disorder is tough enough, but then there’s the next part: how do you go about repairing your gut from all the damage caused over the years?... Bone broth is a big part of it – I’m looking at you @bonafideprovisions… "


Rachel Mansfield

I owe a lot to bone broth and particularly Bonafide Provisions… I started eating meat again. That was because of Bonafide Provisions. After one sip of chicken broth, I was addicted and can confidently say that very few days go by that I don’t drink bone broth.”


Megha Barot

Having the Keto Broth postpartum has been the best. Definitely one of my favorite products quality and taste-wise.


Katy Allan

“I posted about my habit of drinking a mug of bone broth pre-pizza-night to help keep me from overdoin’ it…To this day it works like a charm. My absolute fave bone-broth brand, because I know y’all will ask: @bonafideprovisions.”


Sophia Capobianco

Your Bone Broth has become a huge part of my everyday routine. I have suffered with severe IBS for about 2 years now…The collagen and formula of the bone broth has helped to heal my digestive system while, at the same time, providing 10 grams of protein!


Krista Happ

“I started drinking bone broth a few years back when I was desperate to get my health back in order. It’s now a staple in our home… On the weeks where I am feeling a little less inclined to make my own, I really enjoy @bonafideprovisions.”

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