We Believe Food Can Change Lives

It is our mission to help everyone experience abundant wellness through the power of food. We promise to make our products the same way you would in your own kitchen – NO shortcuts, NO funky ingredients, ever. We use only the highest-quality, certified organic ingredients to deliver wellness-promoting foods that are made from the cleanest ingredients and taste like homemade (if not better!)

Our “Never Ever” List

Reading an ingredient list shouldn’t require a PhD in Chemistry which is why we’ve made a promise to never use ingredients you wouldn’t find in your own kitchen.
Citric Acid
Guar gum
Tapioca starch
Xanthan gum
Factory-farmed animals
Rosemary extract (a “natural” preservative) 
Hydrolyzed anything
Wheat extracts
Yeast extracts
Chicken “flavoring”
Canola oil
Disodium anything
Soybean oil
Artificial colors
“Natural” flavors
Sodium caseinate