What We Do

What We Don't
We freeze our broth to keep it fresh (just like you’d do at home) so that it retains the maximum amount of flavor and nutrients.
We don't add any preservatives. That’s not how traditional bone broth is made or stored.
We’ve carefully chosen each ingredient and obsessively fine-tuned our simmer times to make sure that each batch contains the maximum amount of collagen (that’s why its so thick!)  
We don’t take shortcuts like adding powdered collagen to reduce cooking times.  
Our broth is made only of bones (and some particularly collagen-rich chicken feet.)
We don’t water our broth down by adding pre-made stock or bouillon. 
We slow-simmer our broths for 18-48 hours, based on the optimal cooking time for each batch of bones.  
We never simmer for less than 18 hours.
We use triple-filtered water to ensure that our broth doesn’t contain any contaminants. 
We don’t use regular tap water.
We only use stainless steel pots and utensils to cook our broth.
We never use any plastic utensils for cooking.
We use organic onions and garlic in specific amounts to ensure the best flavor that’s easy on digestive systems.
We don’t add unnecessary ingredients that could upset sensitive digestive systems.
We are the only bone broth brand to use Selina Celtic sea salt - the #1 Doctor-recommended brand that delivers 80+ naturally-occurring minerals and promotes hydration. 
We don’t use table salt or any preservatives like citric acid or lactic acid, which can create small tears in the lining of the gut and counteract the healing nature of the broth.

Our “Never Ever” List

Reading an ingredient list shouldn’t require a PhD in Chemistry which is why we’ve made a promise to never use ingredients you wouldn’t find in your own kitchen.
Citric Acid
Guar gum
Tapioca starch
Xanthan gum
Factory-farmed animals
Rosemary extract (a “natural” preservative) 
Hydrolyzed anything
Wheat extracts
Yeast extracts
Chicken “flavoring”
Monosodium Glutamate (MSG)
Canola oil
Disodium anything
Soybean oil
Artificial colors
“Natural” flavors
Sodium caseinate

Flavor You Can Feel