Garlic Seared Scallops

These crispy, pan-seared, juicy garlic scallops are to die for! No need for a fancy restaurant, make this delicious meal at home in under an hour! This recipe was created by our friend, Melissa over at Melissa’s Healthy Kitchen!


Seared garlic scallops

  • 1/2 lb Wild caught scallops
  • 1 tbsp Fourth and Heart California garlic ghee 
  • Salt and pepper to taste

Roasted Brussel sprouts

  • 1 cup Chopped Brussels sprouts sprayed with a couple of sprays of avocado oil salt + pepper

Instant pot cauliflower mash

  • 1 large head of cauliflower chopped
  • 1 tbsp Fourth and Heart California garlic ghee 
  • Salt + pepper to taste
  • 1/2 cup Bonafide Provisions Chicken Broth or Bonafide Provisions Chicken Bone Broth 


Seared garlic scallops

  1. Heat your cast iron skillet with ghee, once hot, add your scallops and cook a couple of minutes each side

Roasted Brussel sprouts

  1. cook 400 for 30 minutes

Instant pot cauliflower mash

  1. Add bone broth to the pot, add trivet, place chopped cauliflower on top
  2. Close instant pot, seal valve, set to steam high pressure for 3 minutes
  3. Once done quick release of pressure
  4. Remove trivet from the pot, add ghee, and with an immersion blender, blend the cauliflower
  5. Add salt + pepper to taste

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“I started drinking bone broth a few years back when I was desperate to get my health back in order. It’s now a staple in our home… On the weeks where I am feeling a little less inclined to make my own, I really enjoy @bonafideprovisions.”

— Krista Happ @KristaHapp